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 Shortcuts for Writers blog                                                              “It’s All Greek to Me: Why Authors Need Cultural Consultants (June 2020)
 Neo magazine                                                                                  “Virtual Church: A Lifeline in the Time of Covid-19″ also in print (April 2020)


  Neo magazine                                                                                “Napa’s Fotinos Vineyard: from Lefkada to California” also in print (2020)


Book review: “History and Family Secrets Come to Light on the Island of Crete” (June-July 2018) 

The Greek Star newspaper [no longer in publication]

Associate Editor & Senior Writer (2005-2015)

GreekCircle magazine [no longer in publication]

Features Writer (2002-2015)

NEO magazine
The National Herald

Chicago Correspondent (2009-2011)

parenting blog

Explored the highs and lows of life as a parent, while caring for elderly parents, pursuing a writing career, and more. (2010-2015)