Journalist, Author, Emerging Poet, Marketing Pro, and Proud Hellene Maria A. Karamitsos offers services to help with your writing & marketing needs! Read below to learn more.

Services by Maria A. Karamitsos

Maria A. Karamitsos is available to help you with your writing and marketing needs. Keep reading to learn about services offered.

Writing & Marketing Services by Maria A. Karamitsos

I’m a Greek-speaking writer, author, blogger, and editor. My work has been published in Greek media since 2002. I’ve contributed to two books and previously published a digital magazine. Currently, I’m querying my first novel. I also have extensive marketing experience. Let me put it to work for you and help with your book with Greek subject matter, publication, or marketing your services to the Greek community.

Services for Writers, Authors, & Publications

Greek Cultural Consultant

Writing a book set in Greece? Not Greek? Don’t speak Greek?

Want to include Greek words, sayings, or dialog? Greek is a complex language, and well, translate apps aren’t going to help you. You can’t translate Greek literally or word for word. There are on average, 8 different ways to say something!

Are you struggling to name Greek characters?  All Greek names have meaning. And surnames represent where you’re from. You can’t just change a spelling or choose a random name for a character from a specific place. Names should reflect your character’s origin and story.

Trying to write the Greek experience but aren’t Greek? Get a better grasp of the Greek and Greek-American experience.

Read more about why this is important in my guest blog on Shortcuts for Writers.

Let’s make your story shine!

Article writing

Need an article written about Greece or Greek-related subject matter? I can help! My work has been published in Greek media since 2002. Click here to see where I’ve been published. Let’s chat.

Web content development

I’ve written content for many websites! Let me help you craft the messaging for your current site or new site in progress. Let’s talk about your project.


Marketing Services

Want to reach the Greek community?

Writing is actually my 2nd career. My first was in marketing! Learn more about that here. With my experience in Greek media AND promoting WindyCity Greek magazine, which I founded and served as publisher and editor from 2015-2019, I can help! I’ love working with indie authors! ‘ve helped many indie authors with PR (Greek media), marketing, and more.

PR/Media Relations

Press releases

Marketing campaigns

Advertising opportunities in my monthly newsletter

Promotional services

Coaching calls on marketing & PR for indie authors

… and more!

Let’s get started!


Drop me an email and let’s talk about your project. I’d love to help you make it the best it can be!

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