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My Greek Books—February 2022 Reads

by Maria A. Karamitsos   ·  2 years ago   ·  

My Greek Books take me away from the everyday. This month’s My Greek books take me to Corfu and to Yiayia’s kitchen. Find out what I’ve been reading!

My Greek Books

Welcome back to My Greek Books! My to-read stack is growing, and my reading time seems to be shrinking, but I still read two “Greek Books” this past month. Keep reading to find out!

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Beneath a Burning Sky by Dougie McHale

Independently published (January 28, 2022)

Last month I shared a novella by Dougie McHale. I enjoyed it so much that when I received an opportunity to read his newest work before publication, I jumped at the chance. I was not disappointed.

In Edinburgh in 2018, Jason discovers an journal that belonged to his great-grandfather, Marcus. What’s inside stirs him, ignites a flame within him. On those pages, his great-grandfather revealed the story of his time in Corfu during WWII.

My Greek Books_February 2022_Beneath a Burning Sky by Dougie McHale
The latest novel from PhilHellene Author Dougie McHale

While on a mission, something went wrong. A young boy discovers an injured, unconscious Marcus. The boy’s family rescue him. They hide him, nurse him back to health. During his convalescence, he gains much more than his health. What happens changes his life–and others–forever.

Jason travels to Corfu to retrace Marcus’ steps. In learning his great-grandfather’s truth, he finds his own.

Dougie McHale is a skilled wordsmith. His beautifully crafted descriptions captivate you. You’ll smile reading about majestic mountains and glorious sunrises, as well as a wealth of human emotions. Beneath the Burning Sky will transport you to another time, another place. It might even make you re-think what’s truly important.

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Yiayia Approved: Greek Sayings, Proverbs, Advice, Superstitions, & More by Angela Vardalos Saclamacis

Self-published (December 2, 2021)

Greek-Canadian Angela Vardalos Saclamacis published her first book just a few months ago. After retiring from marketing, corporate communications, and public relations work in 2021, she now adds “published author” to her resume.

I stumbled upon this one on Facebook. We all know Yiayia-isms, those sayings that our grandmothers always told us. The superstitions we thought were a little goofy? Well, Angela compiles more than 200 of them in this book.

My Greek Books_February 2022_Yiayia Approved by Angela Vardalos Saclamacis
Check out this fun read by Greek-Canadian Author Angela Vardalos Saclamacis

Angela shares some really fun sayings here, some I’d heard of, others I had not. How many times have you heard, “Ta matia dekatessera”? Or “Kai sta dika sou”? Most know those. Others I’d forgotten, like “Kemate orthios“, which literally means, “He/She is sleeping on their feet”. But the saying actually means “He’s a moron!” That one always makes me laugh. I found some new ones here, like “Eheis glossa pandofla”, literally “Your tongue is as dirty as a slipper,” but is commonly known to mean, “You’re talking too much!”

Among the superstitions, gotta love things like, “If you want you have children, do not leave your shoes upside down when sleeping!” There are so many more.

Yiayia Approved is a fun, short read. You’ll devour it in one setting and have a good laugh. You’ll laugh even harder if you find that you now use these sayings and follow these superstitions. Oh, Yiayia, we miss you! Thank you, Angela for this trip back to Yiayia’s kitchen.

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My Greek Books—February 2022 Edition

Now get to reading some Greek Books! Stop back next month for a new edition of My Greek Books. See you then.

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Maria A. Karamitsos

Maria A. Karamitsos is a journalist, author, and poet. She's the founder & former publisher/editor of WindyCity Greek magazine and former associate editor & senior writer for The Greek Star newspaper. Maria currently pens a literary column for NEO magazine and also contributes to Greek City Times and TripFiction. Her work has been published in The Magic of Us-A Moms Who Write Poetry Anthology, The Pen Poetry Magazine, Voices of Hellenism Literary Journal, Highland Park Poetry, GreekCircle magazine, The National Herald, GreekReporter, Harlots Sauce Radio, Women.Who.Write, KPHTH magazine, XPAT Athens, and more. Maria has contributed to two books: Greektown Chicago: Its History, Its Recipes and The Chicago Area Ethnic Handbook. She's currently working on her 1st novel.

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