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My Greek Books—September 2022 Reads

by Maria A. Karamitsos   ·  2 years ago   ·  

My Greek Books is back to kick off your fall reading season! This month’s picks took me to the Greek islands and Cyprus. Keep reading to discover your next great read.

My Greek Books

It’s My Greek Books time! Welcome back! Summer is winding down and now it’s time to kick off your fall reading season. This month’s picks took me to the Greek islands and Cyprus—and who doesn’t love a trip to the islands?!

Time to get to it! Here are your My Greek Books September 2022 reads!

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Death in the Aegean by M.A. Monnin

Level Best Books (May 19, 2022)

Missouri-based author M.A. Monnin takes us to the Aegean Islands with her debut novel, Death in the Aegean. She’s penned essays and short stories, and her work has appeared in many publications. An intrepid traveler, she’s lived in West Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and England. M.A. is also an avocational archaeologist, and she brings that experience along with her love of travel to this new work.

An Intrepid Traveler Mystery set in the Aegean Islands

About Death in the Aegean

Set in Santorini and Crete, Private Banker Stefanie Baker, the daughter of an archaeologist and a former archaeology student in her own right, travels to Greece on vacation. When she attends a reception to see a priceless artifact, she becomes embroiled in two different crimes—the theft of that artifact and a murder—that somehow point right back to her. Prior to her murder, the woman killed insinuated Stefanie’s father was involved in another heist. And when Stefanie does a favor for a client, she ends up in even more trouble. Stefanie must use all her skills and wit to determine if the perpetrator is in her traveling party, and who’s trying to frame her. A handsome German tourist comes to her rescue, but is he really trying to help her or is he part of the scheme? Will Stefanie clear her name?

Review of Death in the Aegean

Death in the Aegean is a fun romp to the Greek islands. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. Every time I thought I knew “whodunit”, something happened to change my mind. I hope we’ll revisit Stefanie and Thomas again. I’m looking forward to more in the Intrepid Traveler Series from M.A. Monnin.

Learn more about M.A. Monnin here

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Field Rules by Carla Luna

Moon Manor Press (August 9, 2022)

I stumbled upon this one from an Instagram post. Cyprus. Archaeology. A little history? How could I resist? And how perfect since we’re on the archaeology theme… Field Rules is Book 1 in the Romancing the Ruins Series.

Carla Luna was born in L.A., but spent most of her youth in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where no doubt, she was inspired by the forests and beaches around her. She’s published several book series, and describes her writing as “contemporary romance and romantic comedies with a dollop of humor and a pinch of spice.”

My Greek Books_September 2022_Field Rules by Carla Luna
New Contemporary Romance set on Cyprus

About Field Rules

Olivia Sanchez is pursuing her doctorate in Archaeology. After her disastrous dig years ago, she decided she’s better off in academia and not in the field. But she needs one more influential person to serve on her dissertation committee. When her friend calls her to tell her a certain professor is running a field school in Cyprus, this could be her opportunity to get him on her committee. Her friend has to back out and suggests Olivia as a replacement. She accepts, with trepidation. She loves teaching and would like the opportunity to get back in the field. But she’s haunted by what happened years ago. And this time failure isn’t an option.

When she arrives at the field school, she learns that Rick, her long lost fling who is the reason she’d gotten into trouble the last time, is also working there. After their catastrophic episode years ago, he’d worked on many digs, making a name for himself in the Mediterranean. But he doesn’t have a graduate degree and is called a “shovel bum”. They both need this opportunity to further their careers. But the attraction is still there. It is the birthplace of Aphrodite, after all. Will the goddess meddle? Can they put the past behind them and work together, without jeopardizing their futures?

Review of Field Rules

Field Rules is a quick and fun read that will make you want to dig up some more from Carla Luna. There’s not a ton in there about Cyprus per se, but it is interesting to follow them through the field school as they navigate their feelings, nasty co-workers, and finding lost treasures. Now I’m curious about Aphrodite’s Sanctuary! I’ll be watching for Book 2!

Learn more about Carla Luna here

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Taverna by the Sea by Jennifer Barclay

Bradt Travel Guides (September 2, 2022)

Brit Author Jennifer Barclay loves Greece. So much that she moved to the island of Tilos! She studied English Language and Literature at Oxford before embarking on her literary career. She’s traveled to many faraway places, and for a time, lived in France. She moved to Tilos in 2011 and started her own editing service. She’s the author of several books about her experiences in Greece, including Falling in Honey, An Octopus in My Ouzo, and Wild Abandon. The stories follow this Philhellene and her dog Lisa on many adventures. Her latest, Taverna by the Sea, was recently released on Kindle, and the paperback is expected in November.

Jennifer Barclay’s latest takes us to the island of Karpathos

About Taverna by the Sea

Taverna by the Sea follows Lisa to the island of Karpathos, where she has the opportunity to live near the sea and explore the area, in exchange for helping run a taverna and the owner’s rooms for rent. While she thinks she will have time to herself to do her work remotely, she gets more than she bargained for. She gave up her home to do this. So when after she bonds with the locals and connects with the island, will she stay or return to her beloved Tilos? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Review of Taverna by the Sea

I’ve enjoyed Jennifer Barclay’s other books and couldn’t wait to read this one. I was not disappointed. She has a wonderful way of bringing you into her story, making you feel like you’re living it with her. Her memoirs read more like novels, and you can’t put them down. Taverna by the Sea is a fun travel adventure. And once again, I leave it wondering what it would be like to have an extended stay on a beach on a Greek island, swim every day, and be immersed in the local culture. Maybe someday. For now, I’ll live vicariously through Jen. Add this one to your list.

Learn more about Jennifer Barclay here

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My Greek Books_September 2022_Image by  Đặng Thanh Tú
Image by: Đặng Thanh Tú from Pexels

My Greek Books—September 2022 Edition

This month’s reads took us on a (much-needed) virtual trip through the islands. I’ve already dug into next month’s selections. And stay tuned…I’ll be blogging more often! In the meantime, keep reading! See you next time.

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