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My Greek Books—Christmas 2022 Reads

by Maria A. Karamitsos   ·  2 years ago   ·  

My Greek Books is here, spreading the Christmas cheer! What better way to heighten the holiday spirit than with a “Greek” Christmas story!

My Greek Books

They say there is a book for every season, subject, holiday—and Christmas is no exception! How about a Christmas book written by a Greek author? I haven’t read these books, but Santa came a little early and brought me a few. 😉

Without further ado, here’s your Christmas Reading List, My Greek Books style!

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Greek Snowball Surprise Cookies (Christmas Cookies) by MJ Golias

Greek-American Author and Poet MJ Golias is the mom of two. Her poetry has been published in numerous journals and one anthology. She received a Pushcart Prize nomination for her work. Check out her debut novella.

Publisher: ‎The Wild Rose Press, Inc (December 5, 2022)


Debut novella from MJ Golias

Description: Stacey Zervos swore off Greek-American men and their mothers. In search of the Christmas cookies that remind her of home, she stumbles upon a new bakery and finds Steve Kalofonas. He’s exactly what she doesn’t want: good looking and attached to his family. But there’s something about Steve and those cookies Stacey can’t resist. Steve just can’t say what he means. When Stacey walks into his aunt’s bakery, he fumbles. She’s like no one he’s ever met, stunning and witty. Is the instant lust and pull he feels real to her, too? Unable to shake Stacey from his mind, he musters the courage to ask her on a date. Is cultural connection and attraction enough? Will Steve finally learn how to say what he needs?

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Suzanne (Zannis) Jenkins

Among the books by USA Today Best-selling, Greek-American Author Suzanne Jenkins are a couple of Christmas stories. She writes in multiple genres, including women’s fiction, steamy contemporary romance, mystery, and suspense.

Holiday Hunks – Joey’s Christmas Miracle

Publisher: Independently published (November 17, 2019)


Description: Finding Mrs. Right took Joey Saint longer than it took any of the other men in his firefighter family. When he finally decided to let Candy Jones into his life, their picture perfect romance turned out to be the envy of everyone in their circle. One thing was missing however, and it would take a miracle to fulfill that dream.

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My Greek Books Christmas 2022 Reads 'My Christmas Romance' by Suzanne Jenkins
Love is in the air in this novella by Suzanne Jenkins.

My Christmas Romance: A Novella

Publisher: ‎Independently published (October 27, 2017)


Description: Twenty-something Cindy Strapopolous accepts that she’ll live a solitary life, just like her maiden aunt Eleni. So when her father dies and she leaves her job in Manhattan to return to the family home in a small Michigan town, an unexpected home improvement project introduces her to Jake, an old friend of dad’s, and she has a change of heart. A few shocking surprises along the way have the power to thwart their chance at love, but Jake is determined that Cindy is going to have the best Christmas ever.

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My Greek Books Christmas 2022 cover image of The Demons of December by Anne Zouroudi
A Greek Detective Christmas Short Story by Anne Zouroudi

The Demons of December: A Greek Detective Christmas Short Story by Anne Zouroudi

While Multi-published Author Anne Zouroudi is not Greek, she is married to a Greek and lived in Greece for several years. This book is part of the ‘Mysteries of the Greek Detective’ series. She is a recipient of the Coventry Book Award and was shortlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize and The ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards.

Publisher: Kounelaki Global (November 26, 2018)


Description: Much loved Greek Detective Hermes Diaktoros – often regarded as the Greek Hercule Poirot – returns in this seasonal short story specially written for Christmas.

As Christmas approaches on the Greek island of Armonos, Ilias Kourakos is found dead on the floor of his bakery, seemingly struck down as he was preparing the traditional sweet treats of the season. But Ilias was a young man in excellent health, so what could possibly have killed him? When Hermes arrives to make a special delivery, he finds the islanders divided over an outsider’s business proposal which could make some of them very rich but push others into bankruptcy. Does the proposal have a connection to Ilias’s death? Or is there a more sinister force at work, in the form of December’s dreaded demons? This short story is sure to delight Hermes’s many fans, as he sets out to solve a baffling, wintry mystery, steeped in dark superstition yet alight with Christmas magic.

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A classic collection of Christmas short stories by Alexandros Papadiamantis

Christmas Stories/ Christougeniatika Diigimata by Alexandros Papadiamantis

I recently learned about this collection, from the influential Greek poet, novelist, and short story writer. He’s been called “The Dostoyevsky of Greece”. Alexandros Papadiamantis lived from 1851-1911. This version is a Greek Classics reprint.

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (February 07, 2017)

ISBN: EAN/UPC 9781543004335

Description: GREEK EDITION. Greek News Agenda said, “these stories will transport you to bygone times through the writer’s remarkable imagination and matchless colourful expression. The Christmas LoafThe Gleaner, The American, Christ at the Castle, An Idler’s Christmas are among the most tender and famous of his tales, with which many generations of Greek children grew up. Here’s an audio version.


IMAGE Photosforyou from Pixabay

My Greek Books—Christmas Edition

Get into the Christmas spirit with some “Greek” Christmas reads! Add some Christmas music too! Christougenna me tin Kaiti (Greek Christmas songs)‘ by Kaiti Garbi is among my favorites! Καλά Χριστούγεννα / Merry Christmas!

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